About Me

Starting a blog with my age isn’t that uncommon. Actually there are a lot of people who create their first blog as teens. But creating a blog about productivity, reading and learning with 17 years old is, as many people call me, weird. Who cares about productivity when you’re “young, wild and free”? Well… I actually do, quite a lot!

My name is Filipa Canelas, I’m 17 years old [now 18] and I’m a Portuguese entrepreneur. I love the English language and that’s why I decided to create a blog in English. There’s been a long time since I wanted to share my productivity tips and hacks, business ideas, personal experiences, productivity experiments, book notes, etc. And I thought I could use a blog to do it!

I have launched two online courses in the past, worked as a secretary/personal assistant in an International Culture Event in my country, I’ve been a seller on Fiverr, I created an ebook to sell on Amazon and much more. I’m now working on this project that means a lot to me!

Everything that I’ve created in the past I did hide my age, because, for some reason, I was afraid people wouldn’t “believe” me.

But now, I decided to stop with it, because there’s no reason to be ashamed of something that is totally okay! If you are young and you’re afraid to share something, don’t be! Age means nothing when you’re passionate about a topic and willing to learn more.

I buy a lot of online courses where I can learn more! I’m also addicted to reading!
It’s not easy to become an entrepreneur, but I guarantee you can be one if you want! The key? Never ever give up! If your plan A isn’t working, try the B, C, D, AA, BB, etc.

There are no limits when you love what you’re doing! And my blog represents my journey in life!