eliminating distractions

Why ELIMINATING Distractions is essencial for Learning a new Skill

A few years ago, I would read the title of this post and I would think: “haha… if I study less, I will get a worse grade. And why eliminating distractions?”.

I didn’t believe I could actually get good grades if I studied only a few hours, unless I was a genius. I did believe, I could get good grades if I studied a lot! Is learning even a skill you can improve? I did not believe on those things.

For me, studying and learning, was a matter of hours. The more hours I studied, the better grade I could get. In general, this can be true. What I didn’t know was that I could study much less hours, and still get the same grade. It was always a matter of hours to me. If I studied Biology for “x” hours, I could probably get a “Y” (grade).

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The Ultimate Guide to Become More Productive and Organised today!

Being productive every single day is something very difficult to accomplish! It requires effort, disciple and good habits to stay on track!

We would love to be productive robots during the hours we are awake. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are not robots. So we need to learn how we can become productive humans!

The difference between productive robots and productive humans is:HUMANS ARE NOT PERFECT! 

This is something I encourage you to repeat for yourself every day. It’s impossible to be productive all the time and do always the right things.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean you can excuse yourself each time you “don’t feel like it”. Understanding that you will fail eventually to accomplish some tasks is one thing, and failing because you prefer to watch Netflix in another. If you need to fail, at least fail knowing you did everything you could to make it happen!

With this in mind, you can continue to read this post and learn how you can become a productive human!

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learn a new skill

How to Learn a New Skill in 20 Hours!

There are two types of people… the ones who pick a skill they love, and master it for the rest of their lives. And the ones who want to learn a new skill every month without really becoming an expert.

By the title of this post, you can already predict which group I belong to… Seriously, I would love to become an expert in one specific skill. But there are so many different things I want to learn, that it becomes really difficult to focus on only one!

I decided to embrace my peculiar way of being and study effective methods to learn a new skill till reaching a satisfying level for me.

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focus intensively

How to Focus Intensively on a Task

I’m a very distractible person!

I always felt I couldn’t properly focus on anything for more than 5 minutes!

I would start studying but 5 minutes later I was already cleaning my room, eating, reading, or worse, checking facebook! 

On the contrary, I always saw a cousin of mine who was, for me, an annoying example of intense focus! If he was watching a show that he enjoyed, I could scream into his ears and still he wouldn’t listen to me! What the hell…

Did I learnt how to be like my cousin? Absolutely not… But at least now I can stay focused for more than 1 hour, which for me is a huge gain!

But how did I learnt the ability to stay focused? By actually practising, practising and practising!

There’s no magic here. Yes, there are simple tricks you can follow to help you with it, but if you do not actually sit and try to acquire the skill of focusing, you will never do it.

To be really honest here, what mostly improved my ability to focus was: muting my phone and putting it away!

If you already distract yourself by only looking to the walls, why do you keep another big source of distraction near you?

Here’s what I did to learn how to focus intensively on a task!

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master a skill

The Art of Learning & How to Master a Skill

This book, “The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance”, is not the ultimate guide to learn how to learn, but a journey. Josh’s journey mastering chess and later in his life mastering Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art). Based on his experience he offers valuable advice on how to master a skill!

Joshua Waitzkin won the U.S. Junior Chess championship two times, and won several other chess competitions during his career.

As an adult, he learned Tai Chi and won several US National medals and also won a champion title (Taiji Push Hands in 2004).

I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this book, but I can say it was a nice surprise.

Even though the book focus mostly on the author’s career and life, he teaches valuable lessons on how to master a skill.

I learnt a lot of different things, techniques and insights that I definitely want to apply in order to master a skill! Here are my favorite lessons learnt in The Art of Learning!

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interview with kent healy

The Greatest Minds: Interview with Kent Healy #6

Filipa Canelas: Who is Kent Healy? And what did he do to be where he is?
1# Kent Healy: This is such a complex question because people are complex. No one is easily or accurately summed up in a handful of words, but, here are some labels that would apply to me today: Entrepreneur, Dad, Husband, surfer, artist, writer, and autodidact. The latter has been a significant guiding theme in my life for the past 15 years. I love learning, but that wasn’t always the case. After moving from Northern California (USA) to New Zealand, the transition created challenges academically. I struggled to get my footing and my teachers simply labeled me as a mediocre student. And worse, I accepted that label and performed accordingly. When I was 15, however, that changed. A couple of teachers encouraged me to try harder and study differently. The new belief that I could do and be better combined with a few new (but not revolutionary) studying techniques changed my life dramatically. My academic performed improved substantially. This gave thrust to my then, unrefined ambition, and self confidence. With my newfound confidence I simply approached things from a different perspective with grander expectations and although it sounds a bit cliché, this put me on a very different life path. Shortly after I started my first business with my brother at age 14, then started writing books and speaking, and now, I co-own a few real estate holding companies. 

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choose yourself

My Notes on Choose Yourself by James Altucher

I’ve been listening to James Altucher podcast lately, and because he is such an interesting human being, I decided to read one his books: “Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream”.

Choose Yourself in Tough Times

This book covers some important moments of his life. He talks a lot about the way he messed up everything in his life for more than 3 times.

Those were dark and difficult moments, he lost everything he had. He lost his wife. He lost millions. He lost friends. He lost his job.

I really admire the author for having the courage to tell us his story. His human story. Because just like all of us, he made a ton of mistakes. 

I’m glad I read this book, because sometimes we think about really successful people as some sort of “perfect heroes”. Heroes that know exactly how to be successful without much effort. Heroes who were simply lucky in life. Heroes that make no mistakes at all.

That’s not true, of course.

And I’m really happy that James wrote his authentic story, full of tough moments. That end the illusion of thinking about successful people as “perfect”.

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the creative habit book review by twyla tharp

My Notes on The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp


I started reading this book because of Chase Jarvis’ recommendation

He wrote a blog post where he shared a list of 6 books that will make you more creative. I chose The Creative Habit, because the title was already a lesson! And when the title is a lesson, you know the rest of the book will be great!

Twyla Tharp, is a great American dance choreographer, that produced more than 130 dances.

As you can imagine, creative choreographies isn’t easy, and it requires constant creativity.

But what is creativity for Twyla?

“Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is a result of good work habits. That’s it in a nutshell.”

That’s it. Creativity, for Twyla, is a combination of hard work and exercise. Without that, you can’t create as much great work as she did.

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focus intensively

The Creative Muscle – The Gym for Creative Minds

Most people think that being creative is something that is born with us. And there’s no way to practise, or to become better on it. So, those who are born creative are lucky!

I admit it: I always said I wasn’t creative. Guess what? I was wrong!

I can be as creative as I want to! I can create my own creativity habits, my rituals, I can practise in order to be more creative.

But how can I practise to be more creative?

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interview with taylor clark

The Greatest Minds: Interview with Taylor Clark #5

Filipa Canelas: Who is Taylor Clark? And what did she do to be where she is?
1# Taylor Clark: I am a 22 year old badass business women who is obsessed with apparel and wanderlust. I have taken every opportunity presented to me and went full force ahead with it. I think that’s helped me get to where I am, which is graduated from college with 2 degrees and my first business www.DigitalNomadApparel.com

2# Filipa Canelas: I listened to your interview with Gary Vee, and his words also opened my eyes! What was the most valuable lesson your learnt with Gary?
2# Taylor Clark: Probably to stop thinking and just go DO! The time spend watching what other people are doing is time you could be spending to build something for yourself. That resonated with me a lot. 

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