Trying Productivity Hacks: Time Blocking #1

time blocking

Time Blocking is one of the most effective ways to increase your productivity by working smartly! 

I'm definitely a fan of this productivity hack, and in this post I'm showing you my experience, tips and tricks to use this method! ​


This a new series I'm starting on my blog! Trying Productivity Hacks will document my journey experimenting different productivity hacks! 

​In today's post, I'm bringing one of my favourite productivity hacks of all time: Time Blocking!

I use this method quite often, but I really want you to see the results by yourself. So I'm going to show you how easy it is to implement, and how effective the results can be. 

Trying Productivity Hacks: Time Blocking

​What is Time Blocking? 

You simply block a certain amount of time to focus and work on an important task (without distractions).  ​

You must look to a block of time as a very important meeting! A meeting with yourself that isn't negotiable. There is no way you can "escape" from it.

As you can imagine, when you're in a really important meeting, you are not going to constantly check your phone.

Avoiding distraction, or eliminating distractions is essential! If you really want to work effectively you must isolate yourself, keep your phone away, block distracting websites from you computer, etc. 

Another crucial factor is the amount of focus you put into ONE TASK
When you block a certain amount of time, you need to focus in only completing one task! Multitasking is a productivity myth. Multitasking isn't effective. 

So, block a certain amount of time to work only in one task with the maximum amount of focus you can imagine! 

How can I Time Block my day? 

  1. Chose a task that is a priority for you 
  2. Estimate how much time it will take you to complete that task (don't give yourself more time that you actually need)
  3. Chose a specific hour/time of the day, and block that period! 
  4. Isolate yourself from others, keep your phone away and block distracting websites (if you're using your computer to work)
  5. A block of time is a very important meeting! You will never want to skip it.

Experiment #1: Time Blocking - Studying Maths for 2 Hours 

As I told you before, I want to show you my own results using this method. I hope I can convince you to try this! 

Last night (17th March 2017), I planned my day and I decided that I wanted to study maths for 2 hours.  

​So, I blocked 2 hours of my morning to finish a maths worksheet (that was quite big, to be exact)! 

​I isolated myself in my room from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., with my phone turned off, and with only the materials I needed to finish my task (notebook, worksheet, pencil, rubber, calculator, and a pen). 

I set an alarm with my Ipod to ring 2 hours after I started working. And I simply directed my focus to finish that math worksheet in time! 

The Results: I finished it 2 minutes before the alarm sounded! I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't turned my phone off, or if I hadn't isolated myself in my room, it would take me more than 3 hours to finish the same task. 

​Because I don't have anything left to distract myself with, I know I will only focus and work in what I'm compromised to achieve! 

Experiment #2: Time Blocking - Playing Cards

My younger brother loves to play cards. So, he is always begging me to play cards with him. 

I decided to block 30 minutes of my time to play cards with him! This sounds weird, but it actually is a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends. 

​Like you can see, time blocking is also very effective to distract yourself, to spend time with the people you love, or simply to rest! 

Again, I turned off my phone (to make sure I wouldn't distract myself) and we both told our parents to not talk with us, because we were playing! 

The Results: ​My brother was really happy that I finally got to play with him! And honestly, it was quite fun and relaxing!
The fact that I turned my phone off, really helped me to focus on only making our time together enjoyable!  

Experiment #3: Time Blocking - Writing a Blog Post

Writing this blog post is also a part of my experiment!

I blocked 1:30 hours to write this blog post. I still got 30 minutes to finish it!  

Again, my phone isn't near me, I turned off my internet to prevent me from checking social media ​and I'm also in a quiet place with a glass of water!

The Results: When I'm writing a blog post, I really focus on only writing, and making it interesting for you guys! As I completely focus my attention on it, I usually write around 1400 words per hour (with a script made in the previous day).

I didn't make a script for this post to keep the results more authentic, so my average of words per hour is 1000 in this post. 

Anyway, I finished this blog post 20 minutes before the alarm sounded! I like to edit and proof-read my posts hours after writing them, so I'm not doing that now! 

I hope you feel excited to try and block your own time, because the results are amazing! If you block your time effectively, you can double your productivity and work less hours (with greater work quality)! 

 If you try this method, please share your own results! Also, if you know any productivity hack tell me, I want to try it! 

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