There’s always a Way Out

There are some decisions that can be very hard to make. The most difficult ones, are usually the ones with enough power to change your entire life.

Making decisions is something we have to do all the time. Chosing what to eat, what to wear, which road to take, which book to read, etc.

Those type of decisions don't impact our lives in a substancial way. They are just there for us to make without causing much trouble.

But there comes a time when something big arrives, and we need to decide. Those are moments of tension, nerves, anxiety, and most of all, fear!

We fear to chose the wrong thing. Of course we do.


But the decisions that make our stomach flip upside down, are the ones that will change our lives. The ones that will provide us new opportunities.

We always try to chose the best thing, by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages. But sometimes there's not a clear path. There's just our intuition left.

Our instinct.

So no matter what your choice is, you will always be left with new opportunities and chances to start a new career, relationships - a completely new path.

This is something that relaxes me. Because I am sure that whatever decision I take today, there will always be a way out in the future.

So it's ok if everything I expect fails.

Because who the hell am I to think my expectations are the best thing that could happen?

This post is a way of reminding myself:

It's ok if in the future you feel you chose wrong. There are still plenty of ways to turn around!

{about my college decision}

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