Sell solutions not products

sell solutions not products

Honestly, people don’t give a damn about your product. They don’t care who you are, the difficulties you had during the past few years, the money you spent creating it… they don’t care at all.

They only care about the problem they can solve with your product.


If they are struggling with back pain and you sell them something that can reduce it, they will buy it from you!

They will not buy your “Painless” gel.

They will buy the decrease of back pain your product provides. They will buy the solution, your solution!

You are passionate about your product, right? Your eyes shine when you talk about it, because only you know how much effort you put into it. But you should love even more the transformation it provides and the way it solves your costumers problems.

So stop selling your brand, and share the value your product provides!

That’s all that matters for the others and that’s all it should matters for you.


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