The Greatest Minds: Interview with Marc Guberti #1

interview with Marc Guberti

I'm really excited for today's post! Because I'm bringing a guest for my Interview Project, for the first time! And honestly, it couldn't have started better!

Today I'm interviewing Marc Guberti! A Teenager Entrepreneur that has published a ton of ebooks, youtube videos, blog posts, and now hosts a Podcast "Breakthrough Success"


I recently published a blog post sharing my new project! Check it here. 

This project, that now has a name, The Greatest Minds, will be a "collection" of interviews with my favourite people on the planet. ​

My main goal is to get an interview with everyone that changed and continues to change my life positively! 

I'm sure that every interview I will post here, will bring you ​lots of insights and value. 

I'm really happy because I'm starting The Greatest Minds Interview, with a very special and AWESOME guest! Marc Guberti!

Marc is a young entrepreneur and digital marketing expert! He is also a writer, he hosts a podcast, he produces a ton of video content, and he is now organising a "Content Marketing Success Summit"! 

Well, no more need to tell you how great he is! Enjoy the interview, and consider taking some notes!

The Greatest Minds: Interview with Marc Guberti

Question 1. As I’m aware, you are now publishing one youtube video per day. So how do you come up with new ideas for creating content every day? Do you have any type of creativity ritual?

Marc Guberti: Just to clarify, I no longer post one new YouTube video every day. However, I do come out with at least one new video per day. Most of my videos go to my membership sites and paid training courses because my customers are my most important type of visitor.

I come up with ideas by learning as much about my niche as possible. I aim to read 5-10 books every month and listen to a TED Talk every day. All of this extra knowledge gives me more video and content ideas.

Question 2. How would your schedule look like, if tomorrow you had 100% of focus + 100% of energy + 100% of time (24 hours). Basically, what would you do on a perfect day?

Marc Guberti: Great question! I’d interview four people for my podcast and spread those interviews throughout the day. Those interviews get me pumped and allow me to approach my work with greater vigor.

I’d also run a long distance workout and do 1-2 hours of cross training.
2-3 hours would go towards content creation.
I’d then spend 2 hours on influencer marketing and promoting my brand.

The rest of the time would go towards preparation for my Content Marketing Success Summit as organizing a virtual summit is A LOT of work.

Question 3. I really enjoy reading your month Performance reports, because your results and accomplishments are always incredible. You get a lot of stuff done! 
But, if you could only work in one project this month, what would that be? And what would you do to increase your results?

Marc Guberti: If I could only work in one project this month, I’d choose my upcoming Content Marketing Success Summit. I learn a lot similar to podcast interviews and virtual summits are one of the best ways to build your audience and generate revenue.

Question 4. I’m a huge fan of morning rituals, because they changed my life. Do you have any type of ritual to begin a new day? If so, please describe it.

Marc Guberti: I wake up and focus on the breakfast before anything else. A little after I eat, I’ll then go out for a long run. Exercise is very important to my productivity and overall life.

Question 5. What is the most precious advice you can give me to increase my results on Pinterest (more Repins, followers, etc)?

Marc Guberti: Create group boards and contribute on group boards.

Question 6. You started blogging in a really young age. What was the biggest struggle you faced when you were starting? And what did you do to overcome it?

Marc Guberti: Getting the audience is the hardest part, and some people were mean in the beginning because of my age. Many people saw me as the teen with potential but the comments I got from some individuals were brutal and entirely based on my age (along the lines of too young to be an expert).

In the beginning, these comments hurt, but I learned that people only criticize you because you matter. Bad critics just watch success happen from afar. Some criticism is good, but I have no respect for people who criticize just for the sake of dragging others down.

Question 7. If you could only live by one principle what would that be? And why?

Marc Guberti: Never give up on the dreams that mean the most to you. It’s okay to give up in some scenarios. If you feel unmotivated to continue, don’t put yourself through that struggle.

However, if you desperately want to accomplish something to the point of feeling incomplete if you don’t accomplish it, then NEVER give up on that. Find a way even when others say no.

Question 8. What are you now working on?

Marc Guberti: The Content Marketing Success Summit which I’ll be hosting in June. I’ve barely started working on it and have a LONG way to go. Parkinson’s Law is starting to kick in so I’ll get it all done very soon.

Question 9. Where can we stalk you, Marc Guberti?

Marc Guberti: is the best to go (Marc with a C). I cannot tell you how many people spell my name with a K even when they see Marin the URL and everywhere else they look. Don’t be that guy (or gal). I could have recommended my social networks, but the objective of all of my social networks is to build the relationship and lead people over to my blog. If you, the reader, reached this far, then the relationship is already built.

So I’ll only recommend my blog as a means of stalking me online.

Quick Questions:

1. The Last Book you Read: 

Marc Guberti: "Good to Great" (I'm still reading it).

2. Dream Job when you were a Kid:

Marc Guberti: People wanted me to be a doctor but I didn’t feel like that was my route. To be honest, I didn’t see myself working for someone.

3. Favourite Quote:

Marc Guberti: “Keep charging ahead, and don’t take no for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear.”

(I don’t know the person who came up with this quote. It’s on a card that I keep by my desk. For added effect there’s a picture of a dark horse on this card).

4. 25$ life-changing item:

Marc Guberti: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. You can save up what’s left because this is the book you need for success. When a book stays relevant and potent.

5. Favourite place to work:

Marc Guberti: In a library, but it’s been a while...

Thank you very much for the great insights and inspiration! 

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