The Greatest Minds: Interview with Kimberly Palmer #3

interview with kimberly palmer

In today's post of The Greatest Minds, I have the chance to get an interview with Kimberly Palmer! A wonderful writer, editor, blogger, mom, etc!


I read Kimberly's book: "The Economy of You" last year. And I absolutely loved it!

It's a book full of true stories of people who started monetizing their passions, by creating their own businesses, working as freelancers, making small gigs, etc. 

"The Economy of You" will definitely expand your thoughts about doing what you love while making money. 

As I really enjoyed this book, I pitched Kimberly in order to get an interview with her! She is super sweet and kind! I'm really happy that I got the opportunity to get an interview with her.

Thank you very much for this opportunity! Here's my interview with Kimberly Palmer:

The Greatest Minds: Interview with Kimberly Palmer

Question 1.  Who is Kimberly Palmer? And what did she do to be where she is?

Kimberly Palmer: I am a writer, editor, mom... I worked hard and was lucky enough to have supportive parents who always encouraged me to follow my dreams!

Question 2. As a successful writer and speaker, you need to come up with ideas. Do you face creativity problems? If so, how do you get new ideas and topics for your projects?

Kimberly Palmer: I find I get the best ideas when I am not pressuring myself to think of them. Jogging, daydreaming, driving... I try to always have a blank notebook with me to capture them. I love my Passion Planner because it's a planner but also there is space to record thoughts in the back, like a mini blank notebook.

Question 3: How would your schedule look like, if tomorrow you had 100% of focus + 100% of energy + 100% of time (24 hours). Basically, what would you do on a perfect day?

Kimberly Palmer: Wake up and make my kids breakfast before school, then drop them off and go for a 3 mile running. Stretch and then do 3 hours of writing, take a lunch break then 3 more hours of writing before it's time for the kids to get home!

Question 4: I read your book “The Economy of You” last year and I got so many ideas to make money selling my services, while doing what I love! How would you sum up your whole book in one paragraph?

Kimberly Palmer: There is no job security today so we all need to have multiple sources of income, including what I call a side-gig. That is an entrepreneurial pursuit you build on the weekends/evenings and grow slowly over time. Ideally it is both financially and professionally fulfilling!

Question 5: I’m a huge fan of morning rituals, because they changed my life. Do you have any type of ritual to begin a new day? If so, please describe it.

Kimberly Palmer: Coffee, and, actually, my commute to my office in downtown DC. The traffic used to annoy me, but now I use it as a chance to listen to thought-provoking podcasts.

Question 6: What is the most precious advice you can give me to save money as a teen?

Kimberly Palmer: Open a savings account now, you are never too young - it's a habit that can last a lifetime and you'll be so glad you started when you did.

Question 7: What was the lowest point in your career/life and how did you overcome it?

Kimberly Palmer: When I was studying abroad in London in college I felt very lonely and poor. The dollar was very weak at the time and I felt I could not even afford Advil for a headache. I didn't have much practice taking care of myself yet. Luckily, things got better from there. Within a few months, I made a good friend who I ended up traveling with all around Europe, creating amazing memories that I still think of.

Question 8: If you could only live by one principle what would that be? And why?

Kimberly Palmer: Honesty. The worst feeling is feeling that you are not being truthful (with yourself or someone else.)

Question 9: What are you now working on?

Kimberly Palmer: I have a new full time job that takes up my energy - editing and writing articles for a magazine, and I am really enjoying it!

Question 10: Where can we stalk you, Kimberly Palmer?

Kimberly Palmer: On Twitter @kimberlypalmer

Quick Questions:

1. The Last Book you Read: 

Kimberly Palmer: "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty

2. Dream Job when you were a Kid:

Kimberly Palmer: Psychologist

3. Favourite Quote:

“Find a Way or Make One.”
(my high-school's motto)

4. 25$ life-changing item:

Kimberly Palmer: My coffee mug that keeps it hot all morning

5. Favourite place to work:

Kimberly Palmer: My dining room table with my lap top

Find Kimberly Palmer here:

Buy "The Economy of You" book

Buy "Smart Mom, Rich Mom" book

Thank you very much Kimberly for everything you shared! 

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