In the morning the energy is fully-charged and wasting it sleeping won’t bring you nor success nor productivity, for sure!

A few years ago, weekends were my favourite days of the week because I could sleep a lot more in the mornings.

Today, I love the weekends because I can get up even early and use my “free” time to do what I love, or to work (which is the same).

Here’s a step-by-step guide that I follow to Become a Morning Person, every single day of the week!

1. Go to bed Early!

This may sounds obvious but it is actually the key to wake up early. If you go to bed at 2 a.m. and you’re willing to wake up at 7 a.m I can guarantee you will fail in the 2nd or 3rd day…

Try to sleep at least 7 hours, or make tests and find how many hours you need to sleep per night.

Do you want to Know How to Go to Bed Early?

Option 1) If you have an alarm app that let’s you set a BedTime Alarm:

    1. Open the App

  1. Set a Bedtime Reminder to remind you 15 minutes before that you need to go to sleep

  2. Activate the Bedtime Reminder

Option 2) Create a Reminder in your phone:

    1. Open your calendar or any Reminder App

    2. Create a new event

    3. Set the time you should go to bed
    4. Set an alert 15 minutes before
    5. Set the Repeat to: Everyday

2. Stop hitting the Snooze Button!

Do your morning self a favor, and stop hitting the snooze button.
You are starting your day by telling yourself: “I don’t have energy to get up. How am I supposed to be productive and do something valuable during the day?”

Are you really letting your sub-conscious control you? Are you that weak? Prove yourself you can get up the minute your alarm sounds!

Do you want to Know How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button?


“Sleep doctors say that pressing snooze is the equivalent of hitting yourself on the head with a hammer”… well this may give you an extra reason to stop snoozing.

3. Reward Yourself!

I love this technique because it gives me an extra reason to get up early. So basically I set goals and if I achieve them I can reward myself!

Example: If I wake up at 7 a.m. for 7 days in a row I allow myself to spend 30$ in a new item that I really want to buy!

Here’s How You Can Set Your Rewards:

  1. Write a google docs/piece of paper the time you would like to wake up for the next 7 days

  2. Set the Reward

  3. If you achieve your goal you can have your Reward!
Here is the Table I use to Organize My Rewards!

4. Set goals/intentions before going to bed.

When you have an event the next day that excites you, maybe your birthday, a vacation or Christmas eve, you are so excited to get up that you wake even before the sound of your alarm.

Your main goal is to set an intention for the next day that tells your brain it’s like Christmas Eve, every single day, every single year!

Here’s How I Do It:

  1. Create a notebook (Evernote) to write your everyday 3 goals

  2. Write in Evernote or in a piece of paper, 3 goals for the next day that you want to achieve.

    Make sure you have at least 1 goal that really excites you and gives you strength to get up in the morning!


5. Drink a glass of water!

Most of the times you feel tired in the morning, even though you slept for 8 hours, means your body needs water! Hydrate yourself, your body will appreciate it!

6. More 15 minutes!

When you become familiar with waking at 7 a.m, for example, wake 15 minutes earlier and enjoy 15 more productive minutes every day!


As you can see becoming a morning person can be pretty easy if you follow all of these simple steps!

Here’s a summary of what you should do to become a morning person:

  1. Go to Bed Early and set alarms to remind you.
  2. Don’t hit the Snooze button!
  3. Reward Yourself.
  4. Set 3 goals for the day.
  5. Drink a Glass of Water
  6. Wake up 15 minutes earlier when you become familiar with your new early bird routine.

If you want, leave a comment below saying what is the most challenging thing for you, when you want to wake up early!

Now, I want you to download the Early Bird Reward Table, fill it in and start tomorrow implementing this new routine! And you will see how easy it is to become a Morning Person!